Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest (UTCB)

Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest (UTCB) has 8.000 students and 480 permanent teaching staff, and it is the only Romanian university entirely devoted to specialist formation in civil engineering and related fields. The Faculty of Hydrotechniques, involved in this project, essures training in structural analysis and fluid dynamics, and skills in mathematical modeling of water resources and evaluation of the impact of hydro-technical works. UTCB Alumni designed most of the hydro-technical works in Romania (e.g. dams, regional surface water supply systems).

Main tasks in the project are related to the hydrological mathematical modelling (based on rainfall-runoff mechanism description) and physical modelling. They include also the optimization of spillways and bottom gates operation rules, the optimization of reservoirs during floods, optimum allocation of water resources between reservoirs and water users, steady and unsteady 1D and 2D hydraulic models. Furthermore, UTCB will be involved in the assembling of SCADA, CDSS and ACT models.

Previous experience relevant to the tasks in the project. UTCB was involved in international projects aiming to reduce risks associated to extreme events. Prof. Drobot an his team have good knowledge in surface hydrology and water management (e.g. hydraulic simulation of flood wave propagation, flood risk management, operation rules for flood control through reservoirs, medium and low water management, and water quality diagnosis). Among the most recent projects there are for example:  URBWATER (urban floods), EVRIPOL (surface and groundwater pollution), HYDROPROG (water allocation), INWAQ (water quality management), Danube flood risk (delineation of flooded areas and flood risk management). GIS expertise is another strong point of the team, which regularly provides postgraduate courses for water specialists.


Radu Drobot
Radu Damian
Virgil Petrescu
Nicoleta Ancuta Savin
Sirbu Nicolai
Aurelian Drăghia
Maria Cheveresan