Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca (BBU)


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The Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, (BBU) is a public institution for higher education, research and permanent training. By means of its 21 faculties, it is active in multiple international academic associations. The technical research activities of BBU are organized within the framework of the Institute of Technology, which includes The CAPE (Computer Aided Process Engineering) Research Centre. The latter contributes to the project by means of the Department of Chemical Engineering. 

BBU’s main tasks within this project are: management of the consortium, development of the advanced control algorithms, contribution to catchment modeling, to the SCADA system development and to the CDSS development, respectively.

BBU was involved as coordinator in multiple national projects, with Prof.Dr. Serban Agachi as leader: “The Romanian Strategy of Research for 2007-2013”, “Quality and Leadership”, “Doctoral Studies in Universities of Excellence”.

The CAPE Research Centre was involved in scientific projects relevant to the field of this project, such as: Modeling and automation using artificial intelligence tools with applications in chemistry and process engineering (2007-2010), Platform for Simulation, Control and Testing Applications in Mechatronics (2006-2008), Integrated system for evaluation of the spread of pollutants and health impacts in the area (2005-2008), Predictive methods to counter the effects of accidental pollution of rivers by advanced control based on mathematical modeling (2006-2009), Expert system for the non-invasive prognosis of chronic hepatic pathology evolution through the analysis of the biological parameters (2008-2011).


Serban Paul Agachi
Vasile Mircea Cristea
Gabriela Iudita Crisan
Alexandra Ana Csavdari
Tudor Viorel Blidaru